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Our Products

things we do to prove ourselves!

Parsers and Scrapers

All kind of Parsers and Scrapers

Parsing websites and documents to get informations and save them. Output in csv or xml format. Store the results in a DB.

Insurance QR code services

Moto/Quad Insurance QR code services

This system allows you to manage your insurance polices realtives to your moto or quad rental. You can register new pilots, send them the documents to sign, automatically inform the insurance company and keep track of everything.

A QR code makes easy to read insurance status, payment status and even call the pilot's mother or hospital!

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Devices that communicate and interact over the Internet, they can be remotely monitored and controlled. As for all new tech ideas you just need to find a useful way to use them and fantasy has no limits...

Alexa Skills

Alexa Skills

The next revolution is the voice intereaction, lets interface your old DB or web application...

Menu translation with QR code

Menu manager/translation with QR code

A very simple system to manage your menus. It will automatically translate the content and offers even a "dialect" field to show your menu in the local slang.

Forest manager

Forest manager

A very useful tool for people who maintein forests. You can insert and edit all possible location easily with a map, associate it with type of wood, related tasks and even manage the local workers assigned to the maintenance of each location!

Forest manager

Property management tools

Save time and money by organizing your listings, reservations & communication from single master calendar. Let AI do the dirty work.

Machine learning, deep learning

Machine learning

Machines learn how to learn now... And they do it well!!!

Automations for growers

Automations for growers

Everything is possible if you like to control and automate the basic tasks in a modern growhaus.

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